Winzerhof Paul and Cornelia Achs

The wine in an old, vaulted cellar, the bed in a typical Streckhof house

How it all started 

The winery was already founded by Paul Achs more than 100 years ago. The love for wine was always there – just like the name: Today, Paul Achs and his wife Cornelia represent the fifth generation. They make red and white wines with lots of enthusiasm. 

This is what the winery stands for today 

Paul and Cornelia Achs currently manage six hectares of vineyards at different sites and with different soils. Like this, the family can plant each grape variety where it really fits best. The development of the grapes is supported by intense thinning out and regular foliage work. 

With great attention to cleanliness and to accuracy during the processing of the wines, Paul and Cornelia Achs produce great quality. Their cellar is their greatest pride: The vaulted cellar is almost 100 years old and full of atmosphere. It is therefore the highlight of every cellar tour. 


The white wines of Winzerhof Achs age in stainless steel tanks. The emphasis is on fresh and fruity easy drinking. The red wines age in big wooden barrels or Barrique barrels and are full-bodied and tense. 
  • Sparkling wine: Frizzante Rosé Zweigelt
  • White wines: Frischling, Welschriesling, Pinot Blanc
  • Red wines: Blaufränkisch, Blauer Zweigelt Heideboden, St. Laurent, Patrisso, Merlot
  • Sweet wine: Weißburgunder 


The winery was built in the style of a typical Burgenland Streckhof house, where the family also rents some rooms. So the discussion about who is going to drive home becomes void. The guest house is also the ideal starting point for exploring the surroundings, from WeinWegGols (wine trail Gols) to Lake Neusiedl.


Winzerhof Paul und Cornelia Achs
Neustiftgasse 77
7122 Gols
Tel: +43 2173 2498
Fax: +43 2173 249 84

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