Winzerfamilie Paul Weiss

Wiiiiiiiiinne with the first breath

How it all started 

Many years ago, the grandparents Weiss/Beck laid the foundation of the family business by planting the first vineyard. And when Paul Weiss was born, he screamed: „Wiiiiiiiiinne!“ 

This passion remained. Together with his family, the wine and cellar master produces down-to-earth and affordable red and white wines with love for detail and great knowledge. 

And the next generation is very dedicated, too, and visits the Landwirtschaftliche Fachschule Eisenstadt (agricultural vocational school Eisenstadt) already. 

This is what the winery stands for today 

Paul Weiss’ winery has a size of nine hectares. The character of his wines is formed by accentuating the strengths of the soil, the clilmate and the grape varieties. Paul Weiss is very clear about his motto: „I’m working with nature and I only interfere, when it’s really necessary. Wine shall and must be a product of nature!“
So, the soil and the climate are given. When it comes to the grapes, the focus lies on varieties typical for the region. For the Weiss family, toxic pesticides are a no-go. The soils have a green cover whenever possible. This helps to improve the humus content and to keep the vineyard’s ecosystem versatile.
Besides winemaking, Paul Weiss also takes his time for his favourite hobby: Agriculture. He recognises each and every tractor of Gols only be hearing the noise it makes. Maybe he should apply for „Wetten, dass...?“ some day... 


All of Paul Weiss’ white wines mature in stainless steel tanks. The emphasis of his red wines is on fruit, there is no use of wooden chips. The sweet wines promise a great development with age. 
  • Rosé: Rose-Zweigelt
  • White wines: Welschriesling, Neuburger, Grüner Veltliner, Traminer, Muskat Ottonel, Grüner Veltliner Greeny
  • Red wines: Zweigelt Reserve, Blaufränkisch
  • Sweet wines: Neuburger Mattheo, Bouvier Prima Vera 


Winzerfamilie Paul Weiss
Neustiftgasse 31
7122 Gols
Tel +43 2173 2349
Mobil +43 699 114 973 67

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