Weingut Judith Beck

Biodynamics, ecological responsibility, sustainable farming

How it all started 

Since 1976, winery Beck has grown substantially – from 5 hectares at the beginning to a size of currently 15 hectares. Matthias and Christine Beck always had their focus on high quality. And this is how they laid a solid foundation for the young generation. 

Since 2000, their daughter Judith Beck has been responsible for the cellar. In 2004, she took over the winery completely and built a new winery estate inmidst the vineyards just a year later. The new building has been designed for the size of 15 hectares, because family Beck doesn’t want to grow further, but they want to keep and even increase their quality level instead. 

This is what the winery stands for today 

Since 2007, Judith Beck and her partner Uli produce their wines in accordance to biodynamic principles. Besides growing greencovers and fostering bio-diversity in the vineyards, they also tune their work on the cycles of the moon. 

In order to improve soil life and humus, family Beck produces their own cattle manure and applies it, mixed with water, during springtime. Their plants get boosted through various herbal teas, for example from nettle, camomille or common horsetail. And to avoid soil compaction, a Quad is used for working the vineyards. 

To reach the high quality of their wines, Judith Beck focuses on quantity reduction, harvest by hand and attentive selection of the grapes in the vineyards and in the cellar. Besides that, she’s convinced that the wines need to age in wooden barrels. Therefore all Beck-wines, also the white ones, mature in Barriques or big wooden barrels for a certain time. 


Judith Beck tries to produce natural and authentic wines. Her emphasis therefore lies on indigenous grape varieties of the region, like Zweigelt, Blaufränkisch, St. Laurent, Pinot Noir as well as Chardonnay and Weißburgunder. 
  • Rosé: Rosé
  • White wines: Weißburgunder, Chardonnay, Pannobile white
  • Red wines: Blaufränkisch, Zweigelt, Blaufränkisch Alte Lagen, Heideboden, St. Laurent Schafleiten, Pinot Noir, Blaufränkisch Altenberg, Pannobile, Judith 


Weingut Judith Beck
In den Reben 1
7122 Gols
Tel +43 2173 2755

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