Weingut Georg Preisinger

Liquid time travels

How it all started
For the Preisinger family, wine-growing has been at the centre of their lives for five generations. What started with animal breeding on a mixed farm in 1851, evolved, over generations, into the vineyard it is today.
In 2010, Georg Preisinger took over the management of the business. But first he completed internships in California, South Africa and Germany.
This is what the winery stands for today
The fascination of refining the soul of our distinctive region into a specialty product in liquid form – this is what drives Georg and Katharina Preisinger today. They find it exciting to bring wine into the world, as a deeply straightforward, nature-oriented product. And the immeasurable joy, that experiencing the course of the seasons amidst the dramatic natural scenery of Northern Burgenland provides, gives them strength. It’s their fuel.
The rocket is a carefully chosen symbol for the wines of Georg Preisinger. It stands for the journey through time that becomes possible through the enjoyment of strong-charactered wines: The immersion into a passed year, the taste structure of the past handed down through time to the present. Sun, coolness, rain, dryness. But also the overcoming of distances - which good wine masters do so well. You can experience a journey through time of the special kind on board of Georg Preisinger’s single-site wines: with up to 47-year-old vines that encompass some of the oldest vegetative memories of the vineyards of Gols.

  • White wines: Welschriesling, Weißburgunder, Mit Leichtigkeit weiß, SIXTY-FOUR Weissburgunder*, Chardonnay Heideboden, Grauburgunder Goldberg, Chardonnay Ungerberg
  • Red wines: Zweigelt, Mit Leichtigkeit rot, SIXTY-EIGHT Zweigelt*, SIXTY-NINE St. Laurent*, Zweigelt Heideboden, Blaufränkisch, St. Laurent, Pinot Noir, Gols
  • Sweet wines: Golser Auslese, TBA, Merlot Auslese

*These wines have been named after the year of vine planting.


Weingut Georg Preisinger
Neubaugasse 26
7122 Gols
Tel: +43 2173 2256

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