Weingut Anita und Hans Nittnaus

Pannonian red wines with a musical touch

How it all started

The specific mention of Michael Nittnaus in 1684 was the first reference to the Nittnaus family. The Nittnaus clan ran a farm and winery for many generations. Since 1927 already, the location of the family business is Untere Hauptstraße 49. 

As from 1970, the family produces solely wine. In 1985, Anita and Hans Nittnaus founded the winery as we know it today. The two also founded the brand community PANNOBILE together with six other winemakers from Gols (1994). Ten years later, Anita and Hans Nittnaus extended the winery’s area to Leithaberg and founded the Leithaberg club together with 14 colleagues from that region.

This is what the winery stands for today
Today, more than 90% of the winery’s production is red wine and since 2007, Anita and Hans Nittnaus work biodynamically. The family wants to produce wines close to nature, with reference to the terroir, with their own profile and character and with longevity. The grape varieties typical for the region – particularely the Blaufränkisch - get especially emphasised. At the Nittnaus winery, Blaufränkisch and Zweigelt make up more than 75% of the production.
Besides the love for wine, the family of six also has a passion for music. Hans Nittnaus studied guitar, piano and composition at the university of music for two years. Together with his sons Andreas (drums), Martin (bass) and friends he plays jazz and rock as part of the „John Nittnaus Band“.


Comondor, named after a Hungarian shepherd dog breed, is the winery's well-known flagship wine. 
  • White wines: Grüner Veltliner vom Leithaberg, Pinot Blanc Kalk & Schiefer, Heideboden Weiss
  • Red wines: Burgenland, Blauer Zweigelt, Leithaberg, Leithaberg Blaufränkisch, Blaufränkisch Kalk & Schiefer, Heideboden Rot, Pinot Noir Kurzberg, Tannenberg, Comondor, Pannobile
  • Sweet wines: Trockenbeerenauslese


Weingut Anita und Hans Nittnaus
Untere Hauptstraße 49
7122 Gols
Tel: +43 2173 2248

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