Weingüter Weiss-Taschner

Two families, common dreams, one goal

How it all started

After years of coexistence, the brothers Andreas and Hans Weiss have merged the wineries of their parents and in-laws to one company. This had positive effects on their quality of life, the division of work and the development of longterm strategies. But it also lead to the necessary differentiation towards other wineries. In Gols, there are plenty of wineries with the names Weiss and Taschner – but there is only one with the compound name Weiss-Taschner.

This is what the winery stands for today 

With great enthusiasm, Hans and Andreas Weiss – and also Maximilian and Lukas, the next generation of winemakers – advocate the cultivation of regional grape varieties and their characteristic maturation. The families convert their knowledge, which they gained over many years, in three clearly differentiated product lines: 

  • The light, lively white wines shall express the pleasures of the summer in Burgenland.
  • The Burgundy line is formed by the intense solar irradiation which leads to strong characteristics and power.
  • The strong red wines mature in classical big wooden barrels or Barrique barrels.

The Weiss-Taschner wineries are also members of Select GOLS, a brisk group of people connected through friendship and great ideas. Their focus lies on red wines from Gols, which shall be lifted to a higher level due to their uniqueness.


  • Frizzante: Perla Rosa
  • Rosé
  • White wines: WEISS, Welschriesling, Gelber Muskateller, Sauvignon Blanc, Weißburgunder, Chardonnay
  • Red wines: Zweigelt, Blaufränkisch, St. Laurent, Blauer Zweigelt, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Zweigelt Salzberg Reserve, Cuvée Max, Salzberg Syrah, Cuvée GOLS
  • Sweet wines: Pinot Blanc Spätlese, Traminer Spätlese, Sweetsummerred, Beerenauslese Pinot Blanc, Ausbruch Neuburger, Ausbruch Welschriesling, Eiswein Blaufränkisch


In the Kellergasse in Gols you’ll find the Heuriger Kellergasse, which belongs to the wineries Weiss-Taschner. The house built in typical Burgenland style has been carefully renovated. There you can try some homemade, regional specialities or taste the self-distilled schnapps of the host, like plum, vineyard peaches, Williams pear, quince or apple.
Also, families Weiss-Taschner offer naturally cloudy grape juice.


Weingüter Weiss-Taschner
Am Berg 11
7122 Gols
Tel: +43 664 373 5713
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