Weinbau Reinhard Bruckner

A ‚fluffy’ winemaker with artistic ambitions

How it all started
The winery was founded by Mathias Bruckner (born 1775) or one of his ancestors. It cannot be determined exactly, but the chronicles of Mathias Bruckner clearly talk about the family’s winery.
The Bruckner winery is a typical family business still today. In the year 2000, Reinhard Bruckner has taken the reins from his father Johann. But before that, Reinhard gained some experience at wineries in Germany and California.
This is what the winery stands for today 
Reinhard Bruckner isn’t making wine – he lets wine become wine. He works based on modern know-how but also with clear conscience for tradition. And this is why he manages the vineyards according to the standards of integrated viticulture and he picks the grapes by hand. The aim is to get wines that have charme and finesse. He prefers to bottle wines that are elegant, harmonious and fruity, instead of opulent, powerful and rich in tannins.
Family business or one-man-show? 
Reinhard Bruckner is a do-it-yourselfer – in the vineyards, the cellar and in sales. He even designed the labels himself. The design shows the slope of the vineyards in Gols with three adumbrated vine rows. The panoramic view even reaches Lake Neusiedl, which is outlined by a soft wave underneath the setting sun.
Reinhard Bruckner balances his ambitions through his fluffy character. (We assigned this attribute to him during a meeting, and everyone who knows Reinhard, knows what we mean...) And of course he’s also supported by his family. His mother Gerlinde Bruckner is well known for the delicious pretzel sticks and cheese pogatscherl, which are served during wine tastings.
By the way, Reinhard Bruckner is also a member of Gols’s Folk Dance Group. And this is why on Martini Friday you’ll meet him dressed up in his traditional costume... 
No matter if you’re longing for a crispy Welschriesling, smooth Zweigelt or charming ice wine – Reinhard Bruckner offers the right wine for every palate. The winery is also a member of Select Gols.
  • White wines: Welschriesling, Grüner Veltliner, Chardonnay
  • Red wines: Zweigelt, Blaufränkisch, St. Laurent, Beta Blaufränkisch Reserve, GOLS (red wine cuvée ZW-BF), Zweigelt Golser Zwickelacker
  • Sweet wines: Trockenbeerenauslese Chardonnay, Ice wine Chardonnay



Weinbau Reinhard Bruckner
Neubaugasse 16
7122 Gols
Tel: +43 2173 2472

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