Manfred and Edith Limbeck

Work is a game

How it all started 

As in most wineries in Gols, the Limbeck family makes wine for many generations already. Lorenz Limbeck is the founder of the winery, Manfred Limbeck is managing the business today. And with a size of 14 hectares, he can still produce wines beyond conformity. 

This is what the winery stands for today 

Manfred Limbeck views his work as a fun game sometimes. This is why he named two of his wines „Spielerei“ (baublery). At his winery, he plays with Barrique barrels and the suitable wine varieties. 

But the Limbeck family is also keen on stimulating all senses when enjoying wine. This is why they provide guidance and background knowledge on their website – from visual indicators, smells and aromas to the many different flavours, from the sound of the fermentation, the cork when opening the bottle and of course the glasses to feeling with hands, tongue and palate. And the sixth sense? This one you’ll engange when you like the wine. 


The wine assortment of Manfred Limbeck is broad. For sure you’ll find the right wine for every occasion and every dish on your menu. 
  • Frizzante – Fritz
  • Rosé – Bella Rosa
  • White wines – Grüner Veltliner, Welschriesling, Chardonnay Selection, Muskateller Selection, Rivaner Selection, Traminer Selection, Spielerei white
  • Red wines – Blaufränkisch mild, Blaufränkisch classic, Blauer Zweigelt classic, Zweigelt Selection, Blaufränkisch Selection, St. Laurent Selection, Spielerei red, CSM, Pinot Noir, 
  • Sweet wines – Novemberlese red, Spätlese Selection, Beerenauslese Selection, Trockenbeerenauslese Selektion 


Manfred and Edith Limbeck
Obere Hauptstraße 62
7122 Gols
Tel +43 2173 2292
Mobil +43 650 229 2277

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