Christian & Thomas Weiss

From hista-free to vegan wines

Christian & Thomas Weiss
Foto: Steve Haider
How it all started
The winery, which Christian and Thomas Weiss lead in the sixth generation, was already founded in 1831. The knowledge has always been transferred from generation to generation. Thomas joined the business immediately after finishing Weinbauschule (agricultural vocational school) in Eisenstadt and taking the examination for the master craftsman's diploma. Christian studied at Pannoneum, worked for one or two years in his field of education and supports the winery now as well.

This is what the winery stands for today 
Christian and Thomas Weiss are not trying to dominate nature. Instead, they are following the rule of „you get what you give“ and are fostering the vineyards in all conscience.
Since vintage 2010, the winery is bio-certified. This means they do not use pesticides and herbicides but support the vines and soils with strengthening aids and green cover management. 

Christian and Thomas Weiss create wines, which flatter both nose and palate and result in well-being of their customer’s soul.
  • Frizzante: Frizzante hista-free
  • Rosé: Faktotum Rosé hista-free
  • White wines: Whity, Grüner Veltliner hista-free, Welschriesling hista-free, Pinot Blanc hista-free, Chardonnay hista-free, Pannonia Weißburgunder hista-free
  • Red wines: Zweigelt Alte Reben hista-free, Faktotum Rot hista-free, Trinity Cuvée hista-free, Heideboden Cuvée hista-free, Golser Imperator hista-free, Blend vom Golser Hotter hista-free, Obere Heidäcker hista-free, Fusion hista-free
  • Sweet wines: Faktotum Weiß hista-free, Gaumenfreude hista-free, Emanuella hista-free, TBA hista-free
The winery offers trial packages of red and white wines respectively of vegan wines or wines low in fructose or sorbite.  


Wines free of histamine (hista-free)
Since Christian Weiss was diagnosed with lactose intolerance he started investigations, talked to doctors and food engineers. He didn’t want histamine to develop in wines. Christian constantly pushed this issue and in the meantime the winery managed to convert their complete range of wines into histamine-free wines.
Vegan wines
Christian and Thomas Weiss are not using any wine treatment products, fining agents or other additives of animal origins.
Wines low in fructose
Wines low in fructose have a remaining fructose level of below 1g/l and are therefore suitable for people with fructose intolerance. During production, all the sugar available to the yeast is transformed into alcohol.
Wines low in sorbitol
Wines low in sorbitol have a remaining level of sorbite below 0,01g/l and are suitable for people with sorbitol intolernace.


Christian & Thomas Weiss
Volksfestgasse 12
7122 Gols
Tel: +43 2173 2123

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